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dead on the campus of the university of north texas where occupy denton protestors were gathering. he is believed to be a member of the movement. denton is 40 miles northwest of dallas. no word on a cause of death. >>> and a second victim has died after a thanksgiving day tragedy in a high school parking lot. a driver swerved out of control and ran into a crowd near the home depot after having a medical emergency. 41-year-old freddie gastyo from hyattsville died that day. five others were taken to the hospital including jose rosa from falls church. he died this weekend. >>> a little reminder that tolls for the intercounty connector will start tomorrow. it's been free to ride since maryland 200 opened a week ago. it connects i-270 and maryland's i-95 in laurel and prince george's county. icc will cost drivers 25 cents a mile at peak time, 20 cents for off peak times and 10 cents a mile overnight. fox 5 is monitoring metro. and you can expect delays if you normally ride the red line today. metro closed six stations for maintenance on friday. brooklyn, tacoma, silver springs, forest gree
to single digits he is as they say in texas hold em all in in iowa, he is spending millions on campaign commercials there. he is about to start a two week bus tour of the state and you know, he picked up a little bit in the polls i agree i thought he was a pretty good debate performance and maybe there will be a perry resurgence. >> also chris, certainly the thing everybody is looking at, as we get to the end of the year the house voting on extending payroll tax cuts they will not kick it over to the senate. can you just explain to viewers the gains man ship going on. >> well, real quickly, gee i thought you were going to do the heavy lifting and i wouldn't have to real quickly the payroll tax cut which was passed last year, 2% cut in everybody's payroll means a thousand, $1,500 to the average person, is going to lapse at the end of the year it runs out democrats, everyone wants to extend it they are now saying, what we want in return for that, is that the president and administration agree, to build that key stone pipeline from canada all the way down to the gulf coast which would brin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2